How to get o% financing on your solar system

How to get 0% Financing on your Solar Installation

As the new year approaches you may be considering making the switch to solar. Installing solar panels has significant financial and environmental benefits. However, we understand one of the doubts people have about solar energy systems are the initial costs of the panels and installation. Luckily, there are payment plans available to make the process easier and more affordable. 

0% Financing Plans for your Solar System

At Solar Experts, we offer unique 0% financing plans. Our financing is designed to help owners come up with the funds they need to purchase a solar panel system. Solar panels save the typical American family over $1,400 in electrical costs each year.

With the cost of traditional energy expected to spike over the next 20 years, you won’t just be saving now, but you will be reducing your electricity bill more and more each month. They are an intelligent investment that will provide you with considerable savings for years to come. 

How to get 0 financing on your solar system

How it Works

By choosing a Solar Experts payment plan, you can slowly pay off your solar panels month by month, just like you would to your normal utility company, but at a substantially lower cost and interest fee. With the Solar Experts, financing on commercial projects is based on 5-7 years of repayments. For residential plans, it is based on 15 years of repayment. Our loans allow you to own your own system, take advantage of Federal Tax Credit, and pay off the loan at any time without excess fees. 

Moving to Clean Energy for 2021

The process of switching is not as daunting as you may imagine. Our plans allow you to have your home up and running on clean and renewable energy sooner than you ever thought possible. Just in time for the new year!

Solar panels are good for the environment and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. They reduce energy costs and add significant value to your home. Financing proves an affordable means to purchase a solar system for your home without paying the cost up front. You won’t find an opportunity like this with other Solar companies. Take advantage of this incredible deal and call us or send us a message today.