Solar is not an Amazon purchase, Humans Still Need to Communicate

I write the post today not because I think online marketplaces for solar should not exist, but because my team receives so much negative feedback from potential clients when they are only trying to help the customer receive the best system for their home.

In full disclosure, we participate in several marketplaces and I want start out by saying some of them have a phenomenal treasure trove of solar articles, information, statistics, videos and other relevant details. The amount of time and money taken to create these libraries of solar knowledge are truly a help to everyone.

That said, as an installation company, there is this wall between YOU the potential customer and US the potential installer. While many aspects of solar proposals can be compared apples to apples by a very knowledgeable industry expert, we are not at the point where the full value statement can be delivered strictly through digital messages and PDF files. At some point, and best at the beginning, two humans actually need to speak and communicate with each other.

We say this because asking for a solar proposal for your home without a conversation is basically the same as asking for a wedding dress without any other details. While we could deliver you the latest and most exquisite Vera Wang, perhaps you were looking for something a bit lower cost or maybe you wanted a different color. Oh, did you want sleeveless or perhaps you wanted more lace. Hmmm.. anything that glitters? Yea.. without details our team really has no clue what you want.

When it comes to solar there are just as many questions that need to be clarified. Perhaps you are looking to treat this as an investment. Perhaps you want the best panels money can buy even if they don’t save you more more. Maybe you are on a budget and just want savings for a certain fixed amount of system cost. In some cases, maybe you actually have more than one meter in your home and the entire electric usage profile you provided was wrong.

As you can see, there are several things that need to be squared away so my team can deliver you something meaningful and accurate to your desires. Failure of that, we are spending significant time to deliver some numbers that get thrown against the wall completely unqualified and you the customer are left to figure out what means what on your own.

A phone call between our team and you is not meant to be intrusive, annoying, or trying to lock us in as your installer of choice. All we want to do is save everyone wasted time and make our proposal delivery to you be something that fits your bill of requirements and doesn’t waste your time.

So next time you are searching online for solar, don’t forget there are humans involved and we still want to talk with you so you receive what you are actually looking for and not just the fastest numbers posted to a portal.

EcoMen Solar, humans that still want to talk with you. We are here.. call us when convenient for you. 732-SOLAR-NJ.