Environmental Benefits of Switching to Clean, Renewable Solar Energy

Three Environmental Benefits of Switching to Clean, Renewable Solar Energy

At Solar Experts, we are passionate about the environmental benefits of switching from fossil fuels to a renewable energy source, solar power.

When our customers switch to solar energy, they don’t just save money on their electric bill, but also make a real difference to the state of our environment.

Here is a snapshot of three environmental benefits of solar energy:

• It’s the equivalent of planting 150 trees/year! NJ households consume an average of 8,902 kWh per year (and pay higher than average electricity prices). Switching from fossil fuels to solar power in NJ has the same effect as planting around 150 trees every year.

• Solar energy helps tackle climate change. Greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), lead to climate change and rising global temperatures. Studies have shown that climate change is contributing to serious environmental and public health issues in the Northeast. Some examples include extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and ecosystem changes.

• Solar energy reduces respiratory and cardio health issues. Solar power results in fewer cases of chronic bronchitis, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and lost workdays related to health issues.

We are grateful for our thousands of pioneering customers, who have taken real action to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’d like to switch to solar, and help in the effort to reduce fossil fuel emissions, contact us to learn more.